5-HT Fast Track to Happiness
Snapshots from a psychedelic roller coaster ride
Running Head: Spatial Presence Theory
Presence has emerged as the theoretical response to the challenges that new media and virtual reality impose on communication scholars’ understanding of how users process and experience media form and content (Biocca & Delaney, 1995). These challenges arise from new media’s immersive capacities, that is their capability to make users believe that they are personally and physically“present” in the displayed environment.

I started my digital art residency at Gazell.io with experiments in digital virtual psychedelic trips. I had no idea how or where they would go, and they went far beyond my expectations. Starting with my 5-HT pattern formulation I was inspired to attain spatial presence, and the illusion of embodiment. I developed a series of digital roller coaster rides, each time playing with the dosage of my 5-HT digital drug to fine-tune the colour frequencies. I experimented with motion, animating on multiple levels and was able to induce a disorientating sensation where it became difficult to discern between forward and backward movement. I pushed the arcs of motion, to stir mind and body. Ultimately, I ceded creative control introducing procedural transformations to enable a generative art expression.

Later just like traditional psychedelic rituals to recall snap shots of the experience, I went back to study the animation frame by frame. I discovered an expected process of digital alchemy had generated a series of dynamic biomorphic psychedelic portraits. Exquisitely balanced compositions, both in colour and form, these works represent a new visual language for psychedelic art which is something I’ve been working towards for many years.

Visit my FTTH metaverse gallery show to view the collection (Chrome browser recommended, Safari not working at the moment)

The images from this first collection have been minted on the Tezos blockchain as NFTs and can be viewed and collected on objkt

The Goal of this Trip is Ecstacy

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