5-HT La Voix
'Mais la voix me console et dit: 'Garde tes songes: Les sages n'en ont pas d'aussi beaux que les fous!'
Charles Baudelaire

As a francophone, voix (voice) has always meant more to me than it’s English translation because of its homonym in French which is voie (way, path). I choose La Voix as title to this work, to express both the voice as an energy emitted from the mouth, and a way or path; a channel of communication. Like my other pieces in the 5-HT Fast Track to Happiness collection, the images conjured come from a digital alchemy that took place when I introduced elements of generative art to the process, so the results are machine generated rather than designed.

Whilst I’m fascinated by the psychedelic shapes that form throughout the animated  journey, I’m intrigued by the first frame where I see an unintended self-portrait with mouth forced wide open to disgorge an ebullient stream of consciousness. I recognise myself in this image, because as an obsessive creative, I’ve spent the best part of the last 20 years alone and absorbed in my work, with only the radio and more recently podcasts as company. Pirate radios call us silent listeners. In Aboriginal culture there is a belief that the voice is for healing or singing rather than communication. What I’ve come to realise is the voice is an essential channel to express the energy that is within us, because only through the act of expression can it sustain us.

Lao Tzu wrote that silence is a source of great strength and I indeed agree, but that strength then needs to be expressed.

View this work and others from my virtual psychedelic journeys created during my digital art residency at Gazell.io in my new metaverse gallery show 5-HT Fast Track to Happiness where you can also visit Laura’s Fantasy Flower Show from 2021.

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