Digital ARTIST
Laura Shepherd is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and creative director based in London. 

Coming from an artisanal creative background, a purposeful switch from material to digital was made in 2012. Digital sculpture is rendered as still life photography, motion graphic screen animations, and most recently Augmented and Virtual reality experiences (AR, VR). From material objects that tend towards the decorative arts and product design, to abstract ethereal experiences to stimulate the emotions. The artistic process moves between dimensions and realms, mixing realities to absorb and sometimes confound the viewer.
Less an exploration or study, more an unsolicited reaction and expression of observations on contemporary society and culture. Anthropological, philosophical and informed by diverse esoteric idea systems and beliefs, the work presents a distinctive perspective on modern life. Aesthetics are drawn from the nature of Art Nouveau, and the intense experience of trippy 60s psychedelia, to craft high definition renderings akin to contemporary design.

Shows and Commissions
2021 Escape010101 AR Expo Lima, Peru

2021 CADAF Digital Art Month New York, USA

2021 ENTER FSTVL Dendermonde, Belgium

2021 Digital Artworks commissioned by Kraken Exchange 

2021 Tian Hua Yuan Animation commissioned by Doors NYC

2021 Warped Passages DumBO Bologna, Italy

2021 Sisters United NFT at Empowered by Paris gallery show for Sevens Foundation

2021 CADAF Digital Art Month Paris

2021 Art Below Fulham Town Hall
Sunrise and 5-HT Daytrip 

2020 CADAF Digital Art Month New York and Miami

2019 Punish The Streets, New Art Projects (group)
“The extraordinary performance costumes, ‘Fetish Totem’ by Laura Shepherd and ‘Fetish Totem 2’ by Lyall Hakaraia are suspended, like beguiling and slightly unsettling creatures from the ceiling of the first gallery space.” 17 February 2019

2019 Age of Entitlement, Shoreditch public art AR experience 

2014 Vogue Goes Rogue - Glastonbury, Barbican, Ram Place

2009 House of Organza, Vogue Fabrics Dalston
Commercial Work
I work commercially as Creative Director and designer. My work spans traditional graphic design as well as 3D experiential. Recent clients and brands include:

 1 Hotels, Aesop, Annabel’s Mayfair, Becca Cosmetics, Burberry, Cartier, Ciroc Vodka, Clinique, Converse, Dazed Beauty, Diesel OTB, Dentyl, Emporio Armani Parfums, Estrella Damm, Google, Gucci, Grateful Pies, Jimmy Choo, Laura Mercier, Malibu, Maison Margiela MM6, Mowalola, Nandos, Nars, NBA, Nike, P&G, Profirst, Puma, Redbull, Rolls Royce, Simple Skincare, Stella McCartney/Adidas, Sweaty Betty, The Cock Tavern, Three Mobile, Too Faced, Treehouse Hotel, Trish McEvoy, YSL Parfum
Back Story 
Formerly founder and creative director of high-end accessories label, Glovedup Gloves. For over a decade Laura crafted trend-defining gloves and showpiece accessories for leading designers and style divas including Anna Piaggi, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Peaches, Rihanna, among many others, and featured extensively in British and Italian Vogue among many others.
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