Define Feminine
“Woman is the main pole of poetry and the substance of works of art” 
The Second Sex - Simone de Beauvoir

Life’s a trip. We’re plunging into a new age of hyperrealist, 4D surrealism on acid, and there’s no way back. Our hallucinogenic time-space reality spins in constant flux. Energised with gender fluid, truth agnostic narratives - what does feminine mean now?

We’re asked to bend and flex our conditioned ideas of feminine and this open-minded expansion warrants consideration. At the same time; I am Miss Laura Elizabeth Shepherd. I am female and never wanted to be anything else. I’m 100% woman. I cherish and relish my femininity, whatever form that takes. I have curves, and some of them are hard. My strong hands touch tender. Divine femininity takes many forms and energetic forces, and yet undeniably expresses herself.

This collection celebrates the divine feminine that emerged from my experiments with digital alchemy. In February 2022, I embarked on a series of virtual psychedelic adventures. I created trippy roller coaster rides mixing my 5-HT pattern formulation with 3D sculpts and animation, and then introduced procedural mathematical transformations to generate random results. After rendering I went back to study each image, frame by frame, and was astonished to see a whole family of machine hallucinations and trippy biomorphic portraits, some of which were distinctly feminine.

I selected three and now present them in my signature curvy frames. They’re embellished with gloss and glitter, to add some gender neutral disco, because I love dancing.

Visit my 5-HT Fast Track to Happiness metaverse show to see more of my virtual psychedelic adventures.

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