Ls5000 Love Machine
❤️ Are you part of the love generation? ❤️
Flower Power is an over-arching principal of my practice. A celebration of the gratuitous beauty in flowers, it is employed as metaphor to bring levity and spark joy. Furthermore, it perfectly sums me up as artist and citizen, in embodying non-violent expression like the original flower power anti-war marches defined by Allen Ginsberg is his 1965 essay “Demonstration as spectacle, as example, as communication”.

During the second week of my digital art residency at I felt compelled to create a new flower power work in response to the old war rhetoric I was hearing  in the news. If ever we need a resurgence of hippie anti-war activism; it’s now. So to advocate peace, and to celebrate Valentines Day, I made a love machine. I researched diverse types of energy mechanics from Nicola Tesla’s electronic motors to gravitational field theory, and Ron Hubbard’s electropsychometer. Ultimately I took inspiration from a car engine to symbolise a love making process.

Ls5000 Love Machine
The Ls5000 inline-five engine employs delicate engineering to keep it balanced, and imaginative design decisions to get it to breathe. Fuelled by virtual psychedelic 5-HT, this flower powered machine emits a smooth stream of everlasting love hearts.

Stylised sinewy jugendstil forms are digitally sculpted in place of industrial piston rods, cranks and the usual forms of an internal combustion car engine. Animated textures that couldn’t exist in real world physics are applied to the in-flow piping and exhaled as love hearts. A surprise kiss emerges during the cycle.

This is work is available as a 1/1 NFT on the Ethereum blockchain at Known Origin

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