Psyche Blooms AR

“The goal of this trip is ecstasy” Timothy Leary

An audio visual kinetic artwork to engage eyes, ears and hopefully something more.

A high frequency soundscape featuring Leary’s vocals, loops infinitely with a hypnotic revolving flower sculpture. 
An otherwise everyday moment is transformed into the numinous, where magic and mystical unfold. Manifest a  psychedelic experience to dissolve ego, and merge with nature or the universe. 

The words of Timothy Leary are re-contextualised, from a drug induced mystical trip to a walk in nature, or a more humdrum setting quarantined at home. In this series of AR artworks created for CADAF’s digital art month in Miami, Virtual placebos are offered to medicate in our post-truth pandemic existence. 
Believing is seeing, is believing. 

Down this tonic first thing, and as soon as you wake up apply it to your day.

Taste this experience in AR  

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