“Turn off your mind, relax, float downstream” Timothy Leary
An audio visual kinetic artwork to engage eyes, ears and hopefully something more. A high frequency soundscape loops infinitely with the hypnotic revolving sculpture made from a digital sculpture. 

Fake trips, under the fake brand 5-HT, otherwise known as serotonin to enter into a psychedelic experience and/or the dissolution of one’s ego. A sense of merging with nature or the universe. Just as Timothy Leary re-contextualised the death experience from The Tibetan Book of the Dead, I'm re-contextualising from Leary's LSD induced mystical trip, to a walk in nature. From Kew Bridge to Richmond along the river Thames.

Through the instagram effects filter, an otherwise everyday moment is transformed into the numinous, where magic and mystical unfold.  Given that this augmented reality artwork is distributed through Instagram, the all important set and setting are the viewers choice - what's essential here is the viewers attitude and openness to experimentation with imagination.

The first in a series of 3 Augmented Reality artworks for our post-truth pandemic world. Believing is seeing. Created for CADAF Digital Art Month Miami December 2020 as an Augmented Reality experience. 

Taste this AR experience on Instagram

London/Miami Winter 2020

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