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5-HT by Ls528: Virtual psychedelic plant therapy for self-healing during a pandemic.
In 1966 Timothy Leary released an album to accompany his book The Psychedelic Experience. Like a lo-fi audio book with the scratchy textures of vintage vinyl, it nevertheless conjures an intimate one-on-one feel when you listen in. I went to Holland Park to turn on, tune in and drop out.

It was re-contextualisation at it’s most fun, applying guidance for a potentially life changing drug trip to a stone cold sober afternoon park walk.

Afterwards, I listened over and over to the same recording, re-contextualising a flower power psychedelic ceremony into my present pandemic constrained, prosaic existence. It was perfect tonic for my continued exploration into creating soothing, healing transcendental art.

“Try to remain high, as long as possible” Timothy Leary
My avatar Saturday was created in the summer of 2020, as a pandemic-proof virtual friend and someone to dance with. Now in autumn 2020, she’s still wearing a mask (like so many of us), and trying to stay happy (like so many of us).

Her cap is newly adorned with the brand 5-HT - a digital virtual placebo I’ve developed, to stimulate the happy chemical serotonin, that we attribute to wellbeing and happiness.  Softly spinning around, her arms and legs somewhat flail to grasp and hold the momentum that keeps her floating on air.

Like the other pieces in this series, the work draws on Timothy Leary’s psychedelic experience. In this instance, re-contextualising from Leary’s advice on how to come down from a drug induced mystical trip to a vitally important moment-to-moment daily mantra. This is my virtual medicine and placebo - take what you want to keep our spirits high and elevated from all the heavy news and vibes that surround us.


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